Boat Tours

Welcome aboard the "Ryan", a Cape Island style wooden boat offering coastal island tours, fishing tours, sunset / moonlight cruises, and our Island Drop Off Adventure.

Brian, owner and operator of Murphy's Camping on the Ocean, captains the boat, providing a very unique and personal touch to each and every tour.

Scenic Boat Tour

During a 1.5 hour tour, you will travel approximately 5 km around the coastal islands enjoying breathtaking views of cliffs, beaches, coves, and sea shanties. You will experience marine life such as osprey, eagles, seals, porpoise, and sometimes even whales!

Brian will often stop the boat for a few minutes and passengers can try their hand at fishing. Young passengers will be offered the chance to 'captain' the boat.

Typical tours will depart at 10am, 1pm, and 6pm, but will vary based on availability, demand, and weather. Check in with the office to obtain accurate departure times. Each tour requires a minimum of 4 persons to sign up.

Guests must sign up and provide payment in advance to reserve a spot on the boat.

Boat Charter

You may consider chartering the boat if you are looking for an: extended tour, private tour, adventure tour, and/or fishing tour.

Charters must be booked in advance, and will depend on availability and weather.

Mussel Tour

We perform mussel tours throughout the summer. The times will vary based on weather, tides, availability, and demand. We need 8-10 participants to sign up in advance before it can happen.

Mussel tours take about 3 hours in total. An hour to get to the location, an hour of picking mussels, and an hour to return to the campground.

Picking mussels is like picking blueberries...except you will be up to your knees in water!

Tour Boat | Murphy Cove, Nova Scotia


Item Rate Notes

Scenic Boat Tour

$23.00 Per Person, 1.5 hour daily and sunset tours

Boat Charter

$85.00 Per Hour, Up to 4 Persons, Extra Person $10, Up to 8 Persons Max.

Island Drop Off Service (Day Trip Only)

$165.00 Up to 4 Persons, Extra Person $10, Up to 8 Persons Max.

* - Tax included

** - No Tax

Call us at (902) 772-2700 or use our Contact Form for Information & Reservations

308 Murphys Rd, Murphy Cove, Nova Scotia B0J 3H0

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